Saturday, December 28, 2013

Why Politically Motivated "Obama, Top Ten Constitutional Violations" articles are misleading and wrong.

I am so sick of seeing these top ten lists about how many times Obama has violated the constitution. Obama had not violated the constitution as many times as people think.

The Executive branch has the power to carry out and enforce laws, so long as they are not creating new laws, they are within their power. By Choosing to NOT enforce part of Obama care is an Executive Power. For instance when big business lobbied the white house and got Obama to modify ACH to not enforce the employer mandate. This is similar to not enforcing Immigration, using the IRS to target opposition groups, selling assault rifles to drug cartels to garner anti gun support, choosing to continue war crimes at Guantanamo Bay, or not Enforcing DEA laws in Colorado, these are the Presidents CHOICE to enforce or not.

The famous precedent is when Jackson ignored the Supreme Court and performed ethnic cleansing on tribal lands in Georgia, Florida, and Louisiana. While a terrible crime against humanity, it was entirely legal (or at least not preventable) under the powers of our constitution.

As much as I hate when politicians pretend to be economists, or health care experts, or immigration experts, or homeland security experts when they write their laws, I hate how the press pretends to be constitutional scholars when they are advancing an addenda against a president.

The president using the NSA to spy on the Associated Press, and the President using the IRS to modify the interpretation of some small areas of the IRS code which govern the same 501(c)4 groups the IRS got caught targeting are however, minor violations of Executive power. They just don't get much attention because Benghazi happened and people focused on that, and honestly who cares about taxes, its not like taxes really affect social policy or many Americans...